Railings Mississauga

Railings Mississauga

Whether you are installing a new staircase or updating an old one, you need to consider the railings. Railings are part of the stairs that people hold onto for support when they use stairways. At Sunlight Stair and Railing Corp, we provide high-quality products and excellent craftsmanship of stairs and railings in Mississauga. We are a leading stair company and have been offering superior products and services since 1968.

Why Do You Need Railings in Mississauga?

Railings are designed to allow people stability when walking up or downstairs. The railing is often a separate part of the stairs but should coordinate with the style and materials. Handrails provide a place for people to grasp when they ascend or descend stairways. Railings in Mississauga may also be used to protect landings, balconies, lofts, and patios. Railings are an essential part of the stairs because, without them, the stairs would be unsafe.

Types of Railings

Railings in Mississauga consist of several components. The handrail is the portion of the railing that people grasp onto when they walk on stairways. Pickets or spindles support the railing, with placement every several inches along the length of the handrail. A post is typically used at the end of the handrail and as extra support, and at any turns in the stairs. You may also place a handrail directly onto the wall. At Sunlight Stair and Railing Corp, we offer a wide selection of railings and components, including various types of wood and iron. We also offer custom options. We will help you design the ideal railing for your staircase.

How Do We Choose Railings?

Railings affect the overall appearance of your stairway, so you need to choose them wisely. Choose railings in Mississauga made of strong, durable wood that will look good for many years. Red oak is a particularly useful material for railings because it is extremely sturdy. You can view a selection of various style railings on our website gallery. We will assist you in choosing the railing that looks best with the style and design of your staircase. In addition to the railing, you will need to select pickets or spindles and posts that support the railing. You may opt for railings that match the stair tread and supports or railings that are made of contrasting materials or colors.

About Sunlight Stair and Railing Corp

At Sunlight Stair and Railing Corp, we provide top quality stairs, railings, flooring, molding, and accessories. We take pride in our workmanship and strive for complete customer satisfaction. We are a family-owned and operated business. Our team of experts will handle your installation from design through implementation. We are happy to answer your questions and assist you in creating a staircase and railing that will enhance the look of your home. You can view many of our luxurious staircases online. We have many materials in stock and also offer custom staircases and materials on request. Contact us today or submit an online request for a free quote for your staircase and railing.

Railings Mississauga
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Railings Mississauga
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