Special Orders

What is a special order? 

  • Special order is an order for an item specially requested by a customer such as: 
  • Special shape(diamond, round, triangle, buno, trapezoid etc.) 
  • Special size(thickness, length, width etc.) 
  • Special wood species(red oak, white oak, maple etc.) 
  • Special wood grade(S&B, Select, country etc.) 


How to make a special order?

  • Please offer all the measurements; if shape are Rectangle, Square, Cuboid, other shape, please offer a template can show your request: such as: Diamond, triangle, Half round, Pie, Trapezoid, Oval, etc. Usually it take three to five business days to manufacture the special orders. 


Special order is FINAL SALE. 

  • Special order is based on customer’s special request, as long as special order processed, the order cannot be changed or canceled.
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