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Trenchless Water Main Replacement Surrey

Trenchless Water Main Replacement Surrey

Trenchless water main replacement in Surrey is the way that 21st Century home and business owners in our neck of the woods are opting to replace their water mains and rightfully so! Traditional water main replacement is much more expensive than trenchless. To add insult to injury, so to speak, traditional pipe repair won't last that long, and you'll find yourself having to go through the same burden of water main replacement all over again within 20 years or so.

Trenchless water main replacement is much cheaper than traditional water main replacement, and it's far less labor-intensive. There will be no digging up the yard and no need to relocate the family with trenchless. It's a fast repair that can usually be done in one day, versus several days (or more) with traditional water main replacement.

Why Should I Replace My Water Main?

The majority of the cast iron water main pipes in Surrey were installed almost a century ago. These pipes are deteriorating every day due to natural wear and tear, earth shifting, and corrosion, among other causes, such as root intrusion. Preventative water main replacement will protect your property from a major inconvenience and expense down the road. Of all the plumbing emergencies we encounter, broken water mains are by far the most damaging. Fortunately, they're preventable with routine water main maintenance and replacement.

How Do I Know if I Need to Replace My Water Main?

The simple answer is to give an expert like Tap-Roots Plumbing and Heating a call. If your home is close to 30-years-old (or more), and the water pipes are all the same as when it when the home was built, it's probably time for a replacement. Of course, there are symptoms you can look out for that indicate a leaky or broken water main. Unfortunately, you may not be able to notice these symptoms during the winter months when most water mains break because of the snow and ice on the ground.

At any rate, here are some symptoms of a leaking or broken water main that needs to be replaced:

  • You notice areas or an area in your yard that stays wet and soggy all the time
  • Your water bill is all-of-a-sudden higher than usual
  • You shut off your water valve and check the water meter. If it moves at all, your water main is broken

Thank Goodness for Technology

How thankful we are that we live in a day and age where we can install water mains without ever having to dig up a property! This means no destroyed driveways, backyards, or landscaping. This minimally-invasive form of water main replacement is popular in Surrey for all of the reasons stated above plus some! It's easy for you, it's cheap compared to traditional methods, it's fast, and we love it because it's easy for our technicians at Tap-Roots Plumbing and Heating.

Another benefit of trenchless water main replacement in Surrey is that it's environmentally-friendly. Because of the minimal set up that is involved with trenchless main replacement, we are able to keep our footprint small. Trenchless water main replacement in Surry truly is a win-win for everyone!

Trenchless Water Main Replacement Surrey
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