Floor Sanding Edmonton

Floor Sanding Edmonton

If you've ever thought about refinishing your hardwood floors, then you're aware of the task involved in sanding the wood planks. Coating the floors is the easy part. But, in order to get the boards prepped to a point where they are ready to take on the finishing product you have chosen, they need to be properly sanded. 

How To Sand Hardwood Floors

You can use a variety of tools to sand your hardwood floors. Most commonly, professional flooring contractors will use a drum sander, edge sander, and corner sander in order to get every angle of the room. 

You start by sanding the main surface area of the room and making it as smooth and uniform as possible. The best measurement to follow is to ensure you sand through the original finish, plus any gouges and scratches within the floorboards. 

Once the main area is sanded, you can use an edge sander on the outsides of the room to make sure that the floor right up against the wall is as smooth as the rest. 

Next, you can either use a corner sander with a head that has a triangular shape, or you can use a paint scraper and a piece of sandpaper. Doing so will remove the original finish and then sanding afterward will make it completely smooth. 

What Kind of Sandpaper to Use

When sanding hardwood floors, use a low grit paper to begin with to get through the finish on the top. Then, you'll want to make multiple passes with finer and finer sandpaper grit as you move along. 

By the end of your sanding job, you may be up to about 200 grit sandpaper to get the finest sanding job done as possible. You'll go through a few sandpaper pads so make sure you have enough before you start. 

Cleaning The Floors Between Sanding

Once the finish is on the floors, all dust and particles left on the boards will show up and be glaringly obvious. In between each sanding step, and absolutely before you put any sealer or finish on the floor, ensure you allow the dust to settle, vacuum it all up, and then use a damp cloth on the whole floor to make sure any remaining dust particles are picked up. 


Once you're done sanding, you'll be ready for hardwood floor refinishing in Edmonton. Refinished wood floors are just as beautiful as new ones and can last a long time if they are taken care of properly. 

Floor Sanding Edmonton

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