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Baseboards Toronto Welcome to the online home of Trim Carpenter Supply. We offer a splendid selection of new doors, frames and baseboards in Toronto. Your order will be scheduled and delivered, complete and on time. If you prefer to shop in person, find us at 170 Brockport Drive in Toronto.

Baseboards in Toronto, like anywhere, are things that people see everyday, but may not notice. Baseboards can be a design element, but that was not their original purpose by any means. No matter how skilled a carpenter, and how straight the building materials, it's still almost impossible to keep everything square and straight. Over time, walls move and hardwood flooring contracts and expands. Some people refer to this as 'breathing', and it's one reason why carpenters install baseboards. Toronto is home to Trim Carpenter Supply at 170 Brockport Drive. We handle custom projects for multi-million dollar homes while managing major high-rise and low-rise residential projects for some of the largest builders in the GTA. When you need high quality trim of any sort, Trim Carpenter Supply is the place to come. We've got all the interior doors, pre-built door frames, locksets and door hardware you could ever possibly want or need.

Hardwood baseboards made of cherry, oak, maple, mahogany and cedar are durable and easier to stain than other types of baseboards. Baseboards made of softer woods such as pine are generally more affordable than hardwood baseboards in Toronto. When stained or painted properly, it can be very hard to distinguish softwood baseboards from their hardwood counterparts. At Trim Carpenter Supply, we offer a sweet selection of the nicest doors, pre-built door frames, MDF mouldings, baseboards, locksets and door hardware. Don't see what you're looking for? Dial 416.798.1994 and tell us what you need. If we don't have it, we can probably find it. Baseboards Toronto
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Baseboards Toronto
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